Kopa DEI Community

Big impact takes a collective. A tribe. It takes a Kopa*.
*Kopa [‘kuō.pa] is a Latvian word for “tribe”, “collective” or “community”.


At Kopa we bring together Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) advocates and leaders from across industries and geographies to build strong connections, access and share resources and insights and co-create knowledge, so that we can disrupt the ineffective ways of engaging in the DEI work, innovate the workplace cultures and influence the future together.


Connect with other pioneering DEI Leaders, who are innovating the way we think, talk and engage in DEI and workplace culture

Grow a range of new skills and get access to most up to date knowledge to co-create an inspiring DEI practice that inspires transformation and positive impact.

Put your wellbeing first and immerse yourself in a new-found love for your life’s work.

With weekly DEI Hacks Round Table sessions, monthly expert masterclasses and a live safe space for bold conversations, together we will learn to constantly reframe the way we think, talk and engage in DEI work, evolve our leadership mindset and co-create workplace cultures with wellbeing at the core.

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You are welcome and belong here!