DEI and Workplace Culture Strategy and Consulting

Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive workplaces are more than just set of processes, policies and software solutions. It is about intentionally crafted strategy that is supported by committed and conscious leadership. Here is how we can support you.

Foundation: A Fresh Start

You have been following the DEI happenings, conversations and progress for a while now and know you’ve got work to do in your own home. However, with all the noise and bandwagons available, you find it difficult to understand where this work begins and how can you ignite it in your organisation.

You are not alone. We have helped many organisations and leaders who have started from the exact same point. With our 3 month Aspire-Assemble-Activate programme you will walk away with:

Clarity of what this means for you and your organisation

Your starting point

Articulated purpose, priorities and goals for this work

A map of milestones and deliverables for the first 12 months 

Set Key Progress Metrics (KPIs) to track your growth

Business Plan
Staff Meeting

Advocate: Evolve Your Practice 

You made the initial steps to set up a DEI task force or even created a new function. You have articulated your aspirational state and determined your starting point and have made some progress with that through introducing new policies, auditing current processes and creating learning opportunities.


However, you feel that you can be more intentional and bolder with your DEI practice and need some support with evolving it, embedding behaviours and aligning goals.
Our DEI practitioners can help you by:

Assessing your current state and exploring opportunities for evolving your DEI strategy, goals, behaviours and metrics

Leadership coaching sessions evolving the growth mindset, behaviours, accountability needed for success and impact

DEI advocate and leader coaching sessions to elevate their leadership skills

Leader: Influence The Future

You are already a change maker with an established year or year strategy, solid progress tracking metrics in place, engaged leadership and DEI champions across the organisation.


Now you are looking at ways of creating an even more positive impact for the communities you serve and the spaces you occupy. Our experienced DEI practitioners can support you through:

Leadership and executive coaching on radical responsibility and mindset mastery

Exploring ways to influence and contribute to positive social change

Culture hacking and innovation

Business Team