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Baiba Žiga

Workplace Culture & DEI Strategist,
Founder & CEO of Lakehouse Consulting

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I am a connector. I connect people, ideas and past to the future like dots. I am fearless in challenging the status quo and conventional thinking and someone you can count on to inspire you to think differently. Originally from Latvia, I have spent the past decade in the UK, where I obtained a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from University of Southampton.


I have spent my career working with FTSE100, NYSE listed corporates, SMEs, public sector and government organisations where I have been involved in global initiatives concerning People, Workplace Culture, Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).


In my work I aim to create spaces of trust and psychological safety, where leaders and employees alike can bring their full, authentic, and unique selves to, be vulnerable and learn through compassion and storytelling. Such environments are not 'nice to have' but essential for business growth, innovation, productivity and sense of belonging. As a certified coach, I approach my work in a non-hierarchical manner with connection, growth and co-creation as my guiding values.

I am passionate about the power of the community and collective action, so in 2022 I launched KOPA – a DEI Community for those engaged in the DEI and Workplace Culture work in any capacity to create meaningful connections, grow their capability and co-create knowledge.

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