Lakehouse Consulting was born in June 2020, in the heat of the pandemic. After 10 years of working for FTSE100, NYSE and other industry leading organisations, an opportunity presented itself in a form of redundancy that allowed Baiba to finally realize her life’s dream of starting her own business in the Culture Transformation and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space. Since, she has worked with large and small, public and private sector organisations across the UK, EU and US in building and driving their DEI and Workplace Culture agenda.


I am a connector. I connect people, ideas and past to the future like dots. I am fearless in challenging the status quo and conventional thinking and someone you can count on to inspire you to think differently. Originally from Latvia, I have spent the past decade in the UK, where I obtained a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from University of Southampton.


I have spent my career working with FTSE100, NYSE listed corporates, SMEs, public sector and government organisations where I have been involved in global initiatives concerning People, Workplace Culture, Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).


In my work I aim to create spaces of trust and psychological safety, where leaders and employees alike can bring their full, authentic, and unique selves to, be vulnerable and learn through compassion and storytelling. Such environments are not 'nice to have' but essential for business growth, innovation, productivity and sense of belonging. As a certified coach, I approach my work in a non-hierarchical manner with connection, growth and co-creation as my guiding values.

I am passionate about the power of the community and collective action, so in 2022 I launched KOPA – a DEI Community for those engaged in the DEI and Workplace Culture work in any capacity to create meaningful connections, grow their capability and co-create knowledge.


Baiba Žiga

 Founder & CEO 

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Marlena Schmitz

Partnership Executive

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My name is Marlena Schmitz, and I am from Germany. In 2021, I graduated with honours from Hult International Business School, where I studied Management and Finance over the past four years in London. Getting involved in modern management theory and practice, I found a great interest in what gender equity looks like in the workplace environment, society and nations as a whole. I dedicated my whole Bachelor’s thesis to this topic, which I am now expanding into a research paper.  

Based on my interest and passion for gender equity, I am also curating a series of blog posts under Our Genderation banner. Here my aim is to bring these topics to the mainstream and educate those, who not necessarily see themselves as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocates yet.  

My other passions include travelling, knitting, writing, and reading, and have been engaged in music my entire life. I sing, play the piano and am currently learning to play cello.

My name is Lelde Andersone. Originally from Latvia, I currently live in London, where I am due to graduate Goldsmiths, University of London in Media and Communications. Entering the industry, I am excited to build upon my existing knowledge, mastering my skills and fully lean into my passion for media and communications.

As someone about to enter the professional market and lay the foundations for my career, I found myself puzzled choosing between a lucrative profession that looks good on LinkedIn and a position with a company that shares my values and purpose.

I am passionate about ethical and sustainable brands and helping them bring their story to the world. I continuously look out for new opportunities to improve my skills and keep up with the global media trends to perform in the most efficient and conscious way.

For this reason, I believe Lakehouse Consulting and I crossed paths at the perfect time to support one another on our unexplored journeys ahead and together improve and thrive.

In my free time, I love going wild mushroom hunting in the forest or hunting for the best thrift shop bargains in the city. Oh, and my anchor word for 2022 is Alignment.

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Lelde Andersone

Community & Engagement Executive

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